School History

Norwood Street Elementary is a single-track Universal Transitional Kindergarten (UTK)-Fifth Grade school located in the heart of central Los Angeles neighboring Downtown Los Angeles and University Southern California (USC). As the hub of the community, it has served the community for over 125 years.

Four of our teachers are National Board Certificated Teachers. Over the years, our teachers have participated in extensive professional development in Reading and Writing Workshop, Context for Learning, Cognitively Guided Instruction, and Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol to name a few. Our staff is continually learning and implementing research based practices to improve our students' academic achievement.

The programs we offer at Norwood Street are the Gifted and Talented Program, Music Education Program, Arts Program, Early Language and Literacy Academy, and Student Council. As an Arts Prototype school, our student receive instruction from teachers that specializes in music and art. Our fifth grade students participate in Ballroom Dancing where they learn how to dance a variety of ballroom dances while building their self-esteem and learning etiquette. Norwood's Kindergarten through Second grade classes participate in the Early Language and Literacy Academy where students' reading needs are targeted to assure students are progressing and are proficient readers. We also have an active Student Council where students have spear headed School Spirit Days and School Beautification Projects.

Being a USC Family of Schools our students are offered varying resources and supports through programs such as USC Joint Education Program (JEP) and USC Readers providing extra support to students by reading and working with the students one-on-one and/or in a small group setting and a team of USC students teach a course to our students. Other services that are provided by USC are Dental Programs that provide free dental services and dental hygiene education, USC MSW Interns that provide individual and group counseling and the Young Scientist Program where USC students teach science to participating fourth and fifth grade students.

Our school has an onsite Student Resource Navigator that provides a multitude of resources and assistance for our families. Student Resource Navigator provides health, nutrition, exercise, and parenting classes for parents with children from birth through four years of age. It also provides classes to empower parents to be active participants in their child’s life. It is also able to assist our parents in receiving other community resources and services to meet their child’s health and behavioral/social emotional needs.

We have two computer labs, two iPad Labs, and a MacBook Laptop lab. We also have an online Visual Math program that students utilize at school and they can have access at home as well.

We have an active Parent Center where all parents and community members are welcome and invited to participate in workshops and classes for parents.

Norwood also offers Beyond the Bell before and after school programs- Ready, Set, Go; Youth Services and World Fit for Kids.