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Open Enrollment is from April 29th to May 17th

What Is Open Enrollment?

The K-12 Open Enrollment process is a California state mandated program allowing parents or guardians to enroll their child(ren) at a school other than their current school of attendance. Students anywhere in LAUSD may complete an Open Enrollment application to apply to any regular, grade-appropriate Lo

Does the District provide transportation for the K-12 Open Enrollment program?

No, the District does not provide transportation to students in the Open Enrollment program. District officials suggest when selecting a school that the distance from home to the school requested and family-arranged transportation options be considered.

How can I apply for Open Enrollment electronically?

Using, the District's website for LAUSD school choice options, a parent or guardian may establish a parent account, in order to apply for various LAUSD Choice programs, and to monitor the status of any submitted applications. If parents/guardians have previously applied for a magnet or Dual Language program online, the same parent account can be used for this year's Open Enrollment. For further assistance with online application, please consult the Open Enrollment Application User Guide at Parent User Guide for Online Open Enrollment Application.


How many schools can my child apply to?

Parents may apply for Open Enrollment at up to five schools, as long as the schools are participating in the program.


How many applications do I need to submit if I have more than one child?

Parents must complete a separate application for each child. 


No. Pre-K and Expanded TK programs are available through the LAUSD Division of Early Childhood Education. Children must be age 5 by December 1st to enroll in Transitional Kindergarten. For more information on the District's Early Childhood Education offerings, please go to LAUSD Early Childhood Education Programs, or call (213) 241-0415.


No. Applicants MUST be residents of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) at the time of application and while participating in Open Enrollment.


Once the schools have the final Open Enrollment rosters, after any selection drawings have taken place, parents/guardians who submitted Open Enrollment applications online will receive an email advising them to return to the parent portal to check the status of the application. At that time, the parents/guardians will be able to see if there are enrollment invitations from the schools they applied to, or if they are on a school's wait list. Parents/guardians who submitted paper applications will receive a phone call from the application school regarding the status of the application.


If at the end of the on-time application window, the number of applications received exceeds the number of seats available, a random, unbiased electronic drawing will take place at the District's Central Offices. Those students not selected will be placed on a numbered wait list. Wait-listed students may receive an offer if a student on the original roster declines their seat. With regards to our sibling rules, if one sibling is offered a seat, then all siblings associated with the application - who applied to the same school - will also be offered a seat. 


When a student receives an enrollment invitation through Open Enrollment, the family should accept or decline the offer through the same method as the application submission - go to the parent portal, if the application was submitted electronically, or call or visit the school to confirm the choice if a paper application was used. Once the school placement has been confirmed, the parent/guardian will receive an enrollment packet for the new school assignment, and should inform the current school of attendance of the student's new school choice. 


The District requests that parents who have applied to and received enrollment invitations from more than one Open Enrollment School make a decision about which school to attend, and notify the other schools after the decision has been made, promptly. This will allow the school(s) to release a designated seat to another applicant. Once the decision has been made, the chosen school will send confirmation that the choice has been finalized, and information about collecting an enrollment packet for the school.


Please contact the school you have applied to for information on the school's Open Enrollment waiting list.


Open enrollment transfers are valid until a student completes the final grade at the school where the transfer is granted. Students must reapply if they want to transfer to a different school, including matriculation from one school level to the next (example: from elementary school to middle school or from middle school to senior high school).


Yes, if the school offers Open Enrollment, you may submit an application to the school your child is attending. Ask the school staff for a paper application that you can fill out at the school.


No. Applicants MUST be residents of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) at the time of application and while participating in Open Enrollment.


The Open Enrollment program has a late application period, which extends from when the schools post the rosters of the on-time applicants (in early June) until the third week of the school year. At the on-time application deadline, the electronic portal closes. Any paper applications the school receives after the deadline will be held until the on-time application selection rosters are compiled and posted. After the schools have the on-time applicant rosters in place, the electronic portal will reopen. Parents/guardians may then make application electronically or by paper application through the summer. The electronic portal will close, and no more paper applications will be processed, after the third week of the school year. 


For additional information about Open Enrollment transfers, parents and guardians may call the District’s Master Planning and Demographics office at (213) 241-8044, or email After the application period begins, it is recommended that parents and guardians call directly to their child’s school of choice for more details.