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Ms. Gonzalez Expanded Transitional Kinder

Welcome to Norwood!
I am Ms. Gonzalez the Expanded Transitional Kinder Teacher. I have been teaching for 15 years. I hold a PPS Credential in Educational Counseling, a Clear Multi Subject Teaching Credential, and a Early Childhood Development Permit. I work closely with the Kindergarten teachers to ensure a smooth transition to Kindergarten for each one of my students. 
This will be my third year teaching the exciting Expanded Transitional Kindergarten (ETK) Class. This class is a very essential for student preparation and transition to Kindergarten. The class is based on the Preschool Learning Foundations for 48 months to 60 months old students. The Expanded Transitional Kinder has a unique curriculum with emphasis on Social Emotional Development, English Language Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Art, Music, History Social Science, Science, and Motor Skill development. The Desire Results assessment (DRDP) is used to monitor growth of these skills throughout the year, rather than the standard report card grades. We share these findings through constant parent communication. This full day program begins at 7:50 AM  and ends at 2:14 PM. We have an 8 student to 1 adult ratio for constant student observation. Using the ECER's class model, the class set-up includes dramatic play, scientific exploration, fine motor, musical and art discovery.